University of Maryland TERPS Racing Team - 2012

     "We have received the parts and they are perfect. I really appreciate the great work you guys do. Much thanks; words cannot describe how appreciative we are of the services you have provided."
Mac Wright, Heirloom Iron works
    "Thanks for all your work for me last year;  it is beautiful."
Bob Ryesky, R&R Machine Shop
    "The parts you made for me arrived Friday.  They look excellent.  The dimensions are perfect which will make it a pleasure for me when fabricating this lamp."
John Brubaker, USDC North Carolina
    "Joe, your company name leads people to believe that you are a fabricator, but I am more of a believer in you as an artist and an inventor.  With an architectural plan as your only guidance, you created beautiful chandeliers  from scratch.  When people come into our courtroom in the future, they will marvel at the beauty of the fixtures, but never fully appreciate what it took to create each of the many pieces of the fixture."